Interesting. Apparently these power points are our midterms. Good to know. Now I have to make sure to get this done. As for what else has been happening, not much. The class feels really slow right now, especially with the extremely jammed welder, so I've been just organizing really.


Alrighty. Looks like we got ourselves a project to do. All of us are getting topics related to the class to do power points on. Kirsten and I got Basic Solar. I guess on top of working on whatever calls, I'll have this to work on. Already taken some pics of capacitors and battery management to possibly put in it.


Time for more cleaning. This time of the brakes again. Gonna clean and put the breaks back together. Good to have something to do. No idea what we're doing for the rest of the week.


Got the room all cleaned up again. Looking to continue on the bird cage soon. Didn't do much this week. Just some cleaning and messing around mostly. Looking to work some more on creating more scrap out of the cage next week.


New week, new stuff. Not quite sure what we'll be doing this week but we'll figure out something. Finally got this blasted battery mount done on sk2. Looking for more stuff this week.